Migrating iOS Project to Bazel – Part 2

To continue the previous part of this series, this part I’ll talk about how to config a sample iOS project using Bazel. 1. Installation To install Bazel on macOS, too simple. You can go to this link https://docs.bazel.build/versions/main/install-os-x.html. To simplest, I will use brew to install bazel. After install success, you can verify by running […]


Today, I want to write an article about my configuration CI/CD for the Go project in my company. Let’s start. I. What is CI/CD? Continuous integration (CI) is automating the integration of code changes from multiple developers or contributors into a single software project. The team members will integration work with each other. While integrating, the […]

Feature flags

Did you ever implement a large feature and when release you merge it into the release branch? And if you only want only some people can use the new feature to evaluate the effectiveness of the feature. Or the marketing team wants to test a certain behavior. You need a switch to do that. Today […]

weak self

A few years ago, I joined a Swift project about Medical Health Care for the Japanese. I see some developers usually use some feature in Swift but don’t understand it. Also, I see a brother who doesn’t understand how Swift manages memory then he too scares about memory retain cycle matter. I decide to write […]